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How to Travel in New World?

The world of Aethernum is large, but sadly there are no means of traversing it faster than your own two legs. There are no ridable mounts in the game, there’s no system of public transport like in some other MMO games. However, it has been confirmed that mounts and even naval battles will be added in the future. So, at least at some point, we’ll be able to sail the seas. However, at the moment here’s how you can increase your speed of traversing the vast territories of Aethernum:
  • Fast-travel - there’s a system that allows players to teleport to various locations.
  • The Town’s Inn - can be used as one such teleport location if you bind your character to it.
  • Personal house - can become another teleport location as well as the respawn point.
  • The camp which you can set up in the wilderness cannot be teleported to, however, it does serve as a respawn point. Therefore, it can be used for fast traveling, although at some cost.
As you can see, traveling in this game is a bit of a problem, which is why you’ll want to unlock as many teleport points as possible. This category of offers exists specifically for that puprose.