New World Boost & Carry Services

Welcome to LFcarry's brand-new website dedicated to boosting services in New World MMO!
We're very proud to add this game to our huge portfolio of supported games. With more than 5 years of aiding thousands of gamers around the world, LFCarry brings its professional services to the new IP. Welcome!

How It Works
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We assign a pro player that is the best fit for your needs
You share the required information in a secured private chat. All your data is deleted after the order completion.
Pro player completes the task
You receive updates and stream link for each session, so you can see the progress in realtime.
You check if everything is good and accept the service
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What Are the New World Top Offers?
As the best gaming service providers on the market, we already know what kind of problems players will run into while playing New World (NW). Therefore, we’ve come up with the list of the most essential offers that will help all players, new and veterans of the genre to feel more welcomed in the world of Aethernum. These offers will save you lots of time you would otherwise waste doing something extremely boring. And we don’t want that. So, here’s what we offer:

  • Custom leveling carry – there are 2 different lvling systems in the game, and this one will take care of improving the core attributes of your char.
  • New World Gearing – the gear and weapons in the game are scarce, not every quest reward contains good gear, and whatever drops from enemies is often just junk. So, if you want to gear up, for a PVP battle, for example, this is exactly what you need.
  • Main Story completion – sadly, the main story NW is comprised of simple fetch quests, which players will have to spend hundreds of hours running. We can solve that problem if you buy New World boost. Territory Standing carry – is for those who don’t wish to pay taxes for trading or using crafting stations in their hometowns.
  • Trading Skills boost – there are a lot of non-combat skills that allow you to create items. It is very essential to lvl up all of them to a comfortable level.
These are just a couple of examples of the most essential things that players should have in the game. But instead of wasting your time on actually grinding these things, you could simply use our services!