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What Is New World’s Questing?

The process of completing quests is the very heart of every adventure in MMO games. Sadly, this is the weakest point for NW, as the quest’s variety is even worse than in some of the oldest games on the market. If nothing else, you should definitely avoid wasting your time doing quests in this game and our offers will help you with that. Quests come in different forms, but all of them are very much known to any gamer:
  • Killing mobs - lots of quests have you go to some abandoned village where you must slay “5 of each kind” of enemies.
  • Open chests - in that same village you will come across chests and other containers which you must not ignore.
  • Gathering - similarly to opening chests, collecting all sorts of things is another thing that you will have to do as part of almost every quest in the game.
  • Faction quests - same as previous types, but this time you’ll be getting reputation with your faction as a reward.
Of course, there are exceptions. So story quests are more than just what we listed above. However, more than 95% are exactly the same, which is why you should really just let us do them for you.