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What Are New World’s Professions?

Professions in NW are the non-combat skills that let you do all kinds of cool things. For instance:
  • Weaponsmithing - allows you to make melee weapons
  • Armoring - create all 3 types of armor
  • Jewelcrafting - is for gems and trinkets
  • Engineering - make ammo and ranged weapons
  • Arcana - for brewing potions and making magical weapons
  • Cooking - simply for making food and drinks that restore health, stamina or magic.
  • Furnisher - is an interesting one, as it allows you to create pieces of decor and furniture for your house.
These are only crafting skills, there are also several gathering and refining skills too. So, when you pick up raw materials in the wilds, you must first refine them and then use them in your crafting. We can take any or all of 3 categories of skills and lvl them up for you, so you won’t have to waste time on it yourself!