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How It Works
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What is New World Power Leveling?
New World is a fantastic game, as it does what other games of this genre do, but with an interesting twist. As such, the leveling system in it is divided into two sub-systems. Besides, there are no conventional classes in this game. Your gear and weapons define what type of character you are. So, here’s what offer:

  • Hourly leveling - this one is great for people that have a certain amount of time that they wish they could spend leveling, but can’t. So, instead, just tell us how many hours of leveling you wish us to do, and we’ll get right to it.
  • Custom leveling - is simply power leveling, where we take your character and level them up the fastest and most efficient way possible. Just select your target lvl and we’ll get you there!
Leveling is the most basic of things every online game has. Sadly NW didn’t make this process any interesting. In fact, they managed to make it worse, because the variety of quests is almost non-existent.