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What Is New World’s Gearing?

Gearing is a cornerstone of the progression in NW. Throughout the journey, your character will receive lots of gear and it will be up to you to find the best combination that gives you the most effects. Here are some facts about NW gearing that you should know:
  • The gear score will be the only merit of your progression once you’ve reached the max level.
  • Depending on the gear score, an item might have up to 3 perks.
  • Each gear piece has its own durability and needs to be repaired. If not maintained the gear might be lost or broken rendering that piece useless.
  • Expeditions have unique sets of gear with guaranteed perks on them.
  • Factions also have their own gear sets.
  • Crafted gear always comes with random perks
  • Gear can be salvaged to retrieve some basic crafting materials out of them.
There’s a lot to the gearing system in the game. But if you want to have the best gear the game has to offer, you should definitely opt for our services.