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What is Farm in New World?

Farming is almost a synonym of MMO games. It is a process of repeating the same action over and over again to achieve the desired result. This is exactly what our services exist to help players with. So, what can you farm in New World? A lot of things:
  • Experience - there are several progression systems in the game and all require repetitive action to acquire XP which advances your level in a certain field.
  • Reputation - NW is a PvP focused game, so there are plenty of reputations to farm. There are factions that will reward you for high standing with them.
  • Expeditions - instanced content features exclusive rewards, but you won’t know what you’ll get, because the rewards are always random. And if you want to, say, an expedition armor set, you’ll have to farm that expedition over and over again, until you have all the pieces.
  • Gathering - is the very essence of farming. You’ll need lots of materials to be able to craft anything. So, be prepared to buy tools and click on every tree, rock formation, and bush to try to extract some resources from it. Tedious as hell!
These are the most common things to farm in NW. Are you prepared to spend countless hours on something as boring? If not, welcome to this category where we will relief you of that burden and save you some time!