New World: What Are The Factions And How They Work

The game is near, which means that you might wanna learn every detail there is to be fully prepared for the upcoming experience. Today we’ll talk about alliances you may join once you get used to the gameplay. Let’s go, survivors!

New World Factions: Overview

In the beginning, when a gamer overcomes a few quests and reaches lvl 10, he may get tied to one of three alliances. Let’s see what they are in this game.


Well, you might don’t want to come across these fellow kids unless you’re one of them. They may be compared to any big military force because they genuinely believe that strength and sometimes violence decide everything, especially when claiming the land. So if you like battles more than diplomatic talk, they’re your people.


They are the smart ones, scholars, in other words. These people are quite secretive and work hard on seeking forbidden knowledge, dreaming about a new era of enlightenment. Do you also like ancient books and the secrets they contain? Then welcome to this faction.


You can easily differentiate them from others because they dress and act like religious fanatics. Well, that’s because they are. These guys want to expel all heretics from Aeternum and establish a new order on the island. If you’re a fan of church-like buildings and believe in higher powers, you know where to go.

In case you are unsatisfied with your choice, there’s an opportunity for you to change the faction, but only in 120 days. If you do so, all your tokens and faction rank will reset. So select wisely for your own sake. 

You’re Part of Something Bigger Now

That’s true, from now on, most of the things you do may affect your faction. The leaders will send you to quests and missions (PvE or PvP), give you tasks, and ask you to participate in wars. All of it will help you gain XP, level up, rise rank and guarantee other pretty neat things that come from controlling territories.

Speaking of which: yes, each faction in New World can take over settlements. It allows alliance members to have all sorts of bonuses such as 20-30% reduced taxes, discounts for buying a house there, increased gathering by 10%, and many more. But everything has a price, and in this case, conquerors need to keep their influence on a high lvl. Otherwise, other factions with enough authority can easily declare war and take control by siege. Nothing stops your faction from doing the same with other territories. So let’s discuss this process more thoroughly. 

Siege in New World is a battle between two companies 50v50 over a particular territory. Other groups can’t join the fight because there’s a special shield around the battlefield. Although, if a player is invited to the siege, he may participate. The event can be held once a day during a certain one-hour window, which owners of the territory establish. 

The rules of this struggle are simple. Attackers must capture three particular points that will allow them to break through the gate and then claim the flag in the center of the settlement. Defenders must protect their fort at any cost till the time of activity is run out. When it’ll happen, and foes still won’t claim the territory, defenders win. 

Each side acquires points and battle tokens during the siege that may be spent on extra protection, special equipment, and items. All can be purchased even when you’re busy with the fight.  

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Basically, that’s what you could do once you’re part of any faction. But it doesn’t mean that’s all you’ll be capable of within an alliance because you never know what devs have hidden in their sleeves. Seems pretty awesome and intriguing, agreed? But are you ready for that kind of challenge?

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That’ll be all for now. Don’t forget to come back soon for new guides and news. See you around!