What You Can Craft And Buy In New World

Are you only beginning your adventure in a game? Then you probably would like to know more about the subtle features it offers and how you can make your life on Aeternum more interesting. Here, we’ll tell you all about crafting and housing details. Let’s go!

How Crafting Works in New World?

It's an essential part of the whole gameplay, that's why you'll start practicing it almost after you finish the tutorial and come across the first crafting station on the path. From that moment, you'll be finding these throughout the whole game, and they will upgrade, especially if you beat quests via the Town Projects board.

Speaking of improvement, you'll be able to collect simple resources such as wood first, and then as you explore the world, you'll obtain special tools that allow to farm more solid things. There are trade skills divided into three categories that should be leveled up so you can start gathering more components. Let's see what each consists of.

Gathering skills:

  • Harvesting
  • Skinning
  • Logging
  • Mining

Refining skills:

  • Smelting
  • Leatherworking
  • Woodworking
  • Weaving
  • Stonecutting

Crafting professions:

  • Engineering
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Weaponsmithing
  • Furnishing
  • Cooking
  • Arcana
  • Armoring

The categories are placed in order in which you make items. Firstly, you should gather materials, which location you may find on the map in the dedicated menu's section. After that, you should decide how to cleanse your resources, depending on what they are. When you're done with this, craft items that are available to you at that moment. 

Also, remember that all created items have tiers, quality, and gear scores, so you should search for extra materials to make objects with better stats. Moreover, you may salvage your creations to gather materials and repair parts for rebuilding gear. 

As we've mentioned earlier, like any other skills, trade ones can be leveled up, and the best strategy is to focus first on upgrading those which you're gonna use the most. As you'll be upgrading your abilities, more new items will unlock, but it also means that you should look for better stations for crafting them. So, how about we dive into what you may build?

Things You Can Craft

Well, actually, there is plenty of stuff, including weapons and armor, of course. The gear list includes swords, hammers, axes, rapiers, arrows, spears, staffs, shields, bows, muskets, and ice gauntlets. These may be made by those who own Weaponsmithing, Arcana, and Engineering. Moreover, you may create coatings for them as well to give your weapons some buffs. 

If you'd like to master crafting armor pieces and sets such as Explorer or Duelist, Armoring is at your service. As was mentioned, items have tiers and gear scores that affect the power of your equipment. Besides, you may use some Azoth that might increase your chances of acquiring perks for your item when you craft. They add buffs and, depending on their amount - a rarity of objects.

Items, especially amulets, bracelets, etc., can have gem slots filled with precious stones created by Jewelcrafting masters. They also guarantee all sorts of bonuses to the character and his attributes. See how genuinely essential crafting is for your experience? Don't underestimate it, especially when you know that you may trade objects with other players and gain gold for it.

As for Cooking, don't think it's not helpful when you're hungry. Meals and drinks you made can present you buffs, too, such as protection from mobs, health, or mana restoration. So pay attention to it as well. And here we came to Furnishing, which is quite an ambiguous profession that primarily focuses on creating furniture, trophies, and storage. If you're a genuine fan of decorating, this ability is a real gift for you and your house, about which we talk further. 

What is Housing in New World?

It means that you may buy a whole house for yourself in settlements (yeah, that's right) and ornament it to your liking. In order to do that, you have to be minimum at lvl 15 and lvl 10 in Territory standing. When you have those, you may purchase a building, but remember there are 4 tiers of them. The higher tier means a higher price, so at the beginning, you presumably may buy a basic home and then save for better ones. You can own 3 houses simultaneously, even in different territories; the main thing is to have the required lvls there.

Despite keeping a house considered as a decorative feature, it may actually be beneficial. For instance, as we discussed, besides furniture and ornaments, you may craft trophies to place in your house. Depending on the type, they provide different bonuses like damage boosts or better luck at finding resources. 

Moreover, with your own building, you unlock the ability to fast travel there, which might be pretty convenient. Additionally, owning a house guarantees you extra storage space that may expand when you buy a swelling with a higher tier. So, not bad functions, huh?

But buying a building to use it is not enough. In addition, you must pay Property Tax weekly, which the controlling company sets. If you don't do that, your house will disable some features. In that case, it might not be that much of a use, so be a good citizen, and please pay your taxes. After all, your Furnishing skills also shouldn't go to waste.

How to Level Trade Skills Up Fast?

Now that you know how vital crafting is and what you may do with these abilities, there's an itching desire to reach a high lvl of them in your hands. Also, you understand what it means: hours of tedious grinding, which doesn't sound like a lot of fun. But there's a way to avoid it and acquire a solid lvl quickly. All you have to do is ask our professional players for help. They reached pretty impressive achievements in a game and are ready to help you do the same. If that sounds appealing, just pick the New World boost you like and enjoy the results in no time. Everything's simple and easy.

On that note, we're wrapping up this article. Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back later for more guides. See you around!