New World: Outpost Rush Mode Explained

New World Game: Quick Overview

The ambitious Amazon Game Studios creation is a new open world game 2021 that's supposed to bring a brand-new experience to the fans of this genre. The New World story takes place on fictional and mysterious Aeternum island in 17th century Colonial America. You play as a shipwreck survivor who finds himself in this unknown supernatural place. 

Your primary goals are to stay alive and explore the island to discover its secrets. And how to do that is up to you. New World MMO prepared many activities such as crafting, trading, completing quests, taking over areas, etc. 

Of course, the New World game wouldn't be a genuine MMO without PvP and PvE, which gamers are pretty excited about. So let's talk about one of them more comprehensively.

How Does the PvP System in Game Work? 

Well, first thing first, we must say: the New World PvP system has faced many changes and now looks different than in early versions. Those who were lucky enough to take part in the New World game closed beta in July acknowledge it. 

Players have a choice to engage in these modes or not even bother with them. All they need is to adjust specific settings inside their houses or settlements that can show whether they're interested in this activity or not. If they are, they'll be flagged up. Moreover, this option will guarantee specific bonuses. It's probably worth the risk. 

If you decide that your character will participate in any PvP, he must be at lvl 10, and join one of three factions. After all, most of your battles are considered faction missions. To succeed, you have to remember a few rules essential to the New World gameplay 2021.

In New World PvP modes, the critical role plays not the user's stats and attributes but his skills. Thus, characters with higher lvl won't necessarily have an absolute advantage over those with lower lvl. Looks like a fair fight. 

Unlike previous versions, if you die, you won't drop any items. Although your gear will be damaged, and you'll lose all the progress if you were on a mission. Sad, we can agree on that. But on the bright side, when you kill another player, you'll obtain XP, faction tokens, some gold, and items related to his activity in the game.

Among the latest additions to the New World gameplay were forts as PvP objectives that could be captured. The faction that controls them obtains increased XP and influence gain plus buff. 

But let's focus on one particularly curious PvP for now - Outpost Rush.

Introducing Outpost Rush 

Ever wondered what the mix of PvE and PvP modes would look like? You can get your answer by trying Outpost Rush. It's a 20v20 battle, where each team tries to take control over 3 outposts and several other objectives on a New World game map. Gamers may play solo or form a union of up to 5 players, but each must be at 60 lvl. 

Apart from capturing the outposts, players need to collect resources to create additional protection for controlled points. If necessary, participants can find specific places in the area to summon allies for assistance or bosses that provide useful loot.

The winning title will come to the team, which gains 1000 points first. Points are given for kills and captured outposts (1 point every 3 seconds). Seems harsh, but can you think of another way to test all your skills at once? Besides, rewards include unique New World weapons and armor, which might come in handy.

Nail New World PvP with Pros 

The New World release date is September 28, and so far, the game looks tempting, according to New World closed beta participants. Of course, it doesn't mean that New World gameplay wouldn't throw some obstacles or tedious grinding at you. And it's also possible that you wouldn't find any help through New World forums, but there's no need to panic because we know the solution. 

This hypothetical situation may be resolved with the help of professional players, who'd be glad to assist you. If you want to get your hands on unique rewards, weapons or level up your character quickly, you should seriously consider using New World boost. That way, you obtain all you want to enjoy the game without wasting energy and time. Sounds like an excellent idea. So wait until the game's out and don't hesitate to ask for help from our experts.

Thanks for reading, and we promise to bring more reviews as soon as possible! And for now, let's hope the New World game release date won't be delayed once again.