New World Guide: What Are Invasions?

The game’s well underway and gaining more fans every day, introducing players to its activities and capabilities. Naturally, they include PvE challenges as well, one of them being Invasions. So today, we’re going to dive into it to prepare you for what awaits there.

What PvE Modes You Can Try in New World?

As you know, PvE suggests that gamers battle against forces in the game. In the New World case, there are four of them. 

  • The Angry Earth are elemental creatures in any form that fight humans against their invasion. 
  • The Lost are those who once were travelers on the island but lost themselves. Now their appearance will remind you of zombies, and you should be afraid of them. 
  • The Corrupted become who they are because of Azoth, the substance that poisoned them. These enemies simply want to get rid of the settlers. 
  • And finally, the Ancients are the descendants of civilization that lived on Aeternum a long time ago. For some reason, they are considered your enemies, too. 

Players will come across members of all four categories during different situations, quests, missions, events, and other activities. 


One of the game’s modes is arenas, where 5 players need to deal with foes and bosses. But they can’t just waltz in there; before that, at least one team member must obtain a special key known as Tuning Orb. If you have Stonecutting trade skill, you’re in luck because it’s required alongside certain resources for crafting a mentioned key. Besides, it’s possible to acquire Orbs in some quests. Once you’ve got access, your group’s free to enter one of three available arenas. There, you’ll have limited time to defeat all monsters before you are sent out. Keep that in mind before forming your squad. 


That’s what MMO dungeons with bosses for 5 players are called in New World. There are six of them in total, and each requires Tuning Orb as well and a specific lvl ranging from 25 to 60. For completing the Expedition, participants obtain unique weapons and armor sets in addition to unusual resources that foes and bosses drop. They’re quite handy when it comes to crafting gear, so you should definitely test your skill at least in one of those expeditions. 

Apart from these modes, there’s also an additional one tied to the Corrupted. 

Invasions: What to Do in This Mode?

That PvE activity happens naturally once in a few days when the power of the Corrupted become too strong in the territory, and their Breaches don’t close regularly. The primary goal in times like this is to protect the territory’s fort from their offensive. Up to 50 players can partake in this mission, and 10 of them are usually picked by the area’s governor. You should be at lvl 50 and sign your name on Settlement’s Town Board to appear among participants.

In order to get ready for the inevitable fight, use Battle Tokens to get needed gear and equipment. After that, just hope your skills and strategic talent would be enough to get through 8 waves of enemies, trying to destroy gates and claim a fort. 

There will be six types of opponents who focus on breaking structures and simple killing. 

  • Bombers who get their name thanks to explosives tied to their backs
  • Brutes are just huge monsters, which several warriors should defeat
  • Grunts focus mainly on buildings but can deal damage to people, too
  • Raiders attack humans and not structures, so pay them extra attention
  • Snipers are specialists at ranged attacks 
  • Bosses may come in any form, but it doesn’t make them any less dangerous

If the monsters army carries out the plan and takes over a fort, the area will lose some essential upgrades, including Crafting stations. In the opposite scenario, players will acquire rewards, gold, and XP, depending on their performance. Sounds like loads of fun, doesn’t it?

How to Beat PvE Modes to the Fullest

Well, now that you know what kind of activities you may encounter during your time in New World, you might ask yourself, “Am I strong enough to face these challenges and earn their loot?”. That’s understandable because they do sound like truly tough and time-consuming content, but it’s not a reason to panic and give up on a dream to nail them because you can always ask PROs for help.

Whether you want to level up your character or weapon, farm resources, or overcome challenges - nothing is impossible for them. So if you worry that you can’t handle something in a game, check out our New World offers and pick the ones you like. After that, you don’t have to stress over anything, just enjoy your achievements afterward; we’ll take care of everything. 

That’s a wrap. Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back soon to discover new guides and news about New World. Until we meet again, dear friends!